Statement of Financial Transaction

By Nitin Jain

Buy Back of Shares

By Akanksha, Divyam and Ravjot

Declaration and Payment of Dividend

By Akanksha, Divyam and Ravjot

A discussion on Format of Financial Statements prescribed by “Schedule III of the Companies Act, 2013”

Article By: Mr. Nitin Jain CA final (Student)

An article on dividend

ARTICLE BY: Mr. Sachin Jain CA Final (Student)

An article on CARO, 2016

ARTICLE BY: Mr. Harman Dhamija CA Final (Student)

An article on borrowing costs


Clarification sought on Income Declaration Scheme, 2016

Read more at:VDS Vide Finance Act 2016, the Income Disclosure Scheme 2016 (IDS) has been launched for window period of 01.06.2016 to 30.09.2016. The present scheme is almost pari-materia to the earlier schemes like VDIS-1997, Amnesty Scheme-1985, VDS-1975, VDS-1965 etc., with slight changes here and there. However, the litigation arose only due to lack of clarity […]

Cash Payment and haunt of Sec 40A(3) partially removed

To read complete article on the subject, click here Detailed article on 40A(3)

“Nil TDS Return” no Need to submit after 01.10.2013.

With effect from 01.10.2013 new version of FVU i.e. 4.00 is published by the TIN-NSDL in place of FVU 3.7 with latest new key features. The latest FVU Ver. 4.00 contains “NIL” TDS/TCS Return but while generating validation through FVU Ver. 4.00, TDS/TCS statement can’not be filed without quoting any valid Challan or deductee row. […]